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This Guy Retired at 27!

At the ripe old age of 27, Secker decided to throw in the towel

For most of us, our careers don’t really take off until our mid-twenties. We’re too busy getting degrees or other qualifications, or travelling, or working dodgy bar jobs in the hope of travelling. Some of us might have worked hard enough to be property owners by the time we were 27… but very few of us. In fact, at 27, I’m sure the vast majority of us would be lucky to have purchased a new car (a brand new car, not the second hand job we’d saved up for in our late teens)!

But for some lucky, albeit very clever, buggers, 27 is the new 65… and they’re retiring! British forex trader, Greg Secker, was one of them. The guy started working as a Trading Technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services in his very very early twenties. But that wasn’t enough for the wee twenty-year old. It was around this time that he also developed a virtual, real time trading platform called, “The Virtual Trading Desk” — one of the first of its kind. This, and his general trading savvy, gardered Secker a lot of attention from a lot of very important people and, whilst still in his early twenties, he was made Vice-President of the Mellon Financial Coorporation. But wait, there’s more! At age 25… yes, age 25… Secker was made Vice President of a bloody Fortune 500 investment bank!

At the ripe old age of 27, Secker decided to throw in the towel. Can you imagine?

Yup, forex trader, Greg Secker, walked right out that door when he was 27 years of age. Hanging around at home didn’t seem to suit him though, because three months later he decided to fill another of our life long dreams and build a successful business from home, literally teaching people how to do what he did. Since Secker began Learn to Trade, it has grown into one of the world’s leading trader coaching companies. Learn to Trade has very quickly become internationally renowned for its successful and easy-going, “trading for dummies” approach. Secker himself has said that Learn to Trade is all about trying to ensure that people from all walks of life (that’s you and me!), rather than just high-flying financiers, can have a shot at financial independence. Naw, ain’t the rich twenty-something nice!

So, after successfully learning to trading and retire, what can you expect to be doing? Well, these days Greg Secker spends most of his time speaking motivationally alongside the likes of Tony Blair (yes, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair) and championing his foundation, The Greg Secker Foundation, and, through it, working to improve the quality of life of impoverished children around the world.

Here he is, donating lots of dollars with none other than, Sir Richard Branson! This could be you!



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