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TV News anchor sacked over her concentration lapse on live TV

“Myself and my mesmerising pen honourably salute you!” – Natasha Exelby

Natasha Exelby has been all over the internet recently for giving viewers something to laugh at after she was caught daydreaming on air. But her on air blooper may have done more than simply make us laugh, with reports of the mistake costing her, her on air role.

After just finishing up her 18-month correspondence in the Middle-east reporting on the war in Syria, Exelby was reportedly sacked over her concentration lapse on live TV on Sunday. The host can be seen fiddling with her “mesmerising pen”, completely un-focussed. Then, just like when we were little and we yelled “wake up Jeff!” Exelby jumps with fright and drops her pen noticing she is on air- an absolute classic 5 seconds of news.

“I can understand why people found it funny, and it was certainly me at my most raw. But I also have to take some responsibility here. I’m a professional and what happened was far from professional,” Exelby said on the mistake. She continued “So many people were brought to tears this week when watching the news about Syria, this is an issue close to my heart as that’s what I’ve just returned from reporting on as a foreign correspondent in the Middle East… So if I was able to make people laugh - even if it was at my expense - then I don’t think that’s a bad thing.”

While majority of her audience laughed off her shock enjoying the “refreshingly human” mistake, ABC24 seemed to lack a sense of humour on the matter. With rumours of her role ending, many viewers and fellow newsreaders jumped to social media to express their support for the mortified presenter; SBS newsreader Janice Petersen by tweeting a photo of herself putting on lipstick while on air with the caption “it happens” as well as Marc Fennel giving her some sympathy on his twitter “This may we’ll be my favourite thing that’s ever happened on TV. Ever. I feel you @NatashaExelby I’ve done exactly this. Solidarity.”

With all that’s said and done, she is human it was a mistake. She gave us a laugh, so give her, her job back.

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