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The “UP” Balloon is Real… And it’s Flying Over Canberra!

Whoever said that Canberra was a dull place – was wrong. I am a big fan of all things kitsch and an even bigger fan of magical stories being brought to life (i.e. Harry Potter World, Florida). But surely this takes the cake as far as making adults feel like children again goes. Can you imagine waking up in Canberra, looking out your window with a hot cup of tea in-hand and seeing the fantastical balloon, made up of thousands of colourful balloons, from “UP“ floating over the city? You don’t even need to imagine - from the 12th to the 20th of March 2016, this might well be your reality.

The balloon is, rather uninspiringly, named “Cameron TR-84″ and was made by a team in Bristol, England. It was brought to Canberra earlier in March for the 2016 Canberra Balloon Spectacular. And, at risk of shattering your newfound belief in magic, the balloon is not made up of thousands of balloons like it is in the movie. No, it’s actually one large balloon with the image of thousands of colourful balloons printed onto it and just 600 individual balloons sewn to it.

But before you think the magical balloon any less magical, Cameron TR-84’s pilot, Simon Askey, says he has every intention of flying it all around the world - just like Carl and Ellie! Their amazing balloon has already brought them across the globe to Australia, and will taken them to Japan later this year.

So, if you’re in Canberra, keep those eyes on the skies and your inner-child ready - it’s in for a treat.

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