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Property is Still Booming and This is How To Make Money From It

Property is Still Booming and This is How To Make Money From It

Property is still booming!

With the Australian property market a hot topic in the media – there is a lot of speculation, confusion and contradiction around how the market is performing.

Leading property investment experts, Property Tutor report that the combination of low interest rates, high home ownership leading to significant untapped equity, and excellent capital growth prospects have contributed to a booming property market.

The Australian property market remains strong, is resilient and is reaping long-term capital growth and returns for many investors.

For example, investors who purchased the right property in Melbourne, valued at $400,000, four years ago, would now be making an average of $80,000 a year.

It’s easy to understand why local and international investors look to our shores to build their portfolio.

Melbourne property market is stronger than ever

The Australian property market is comprised of a series of sub market which all perform differently throughout different stages of the property cycle.

With up to 20 per cent growth yearly, the Melbourne property market is an investment hotspot that is showing real resilience. According to CoreLogic RP Data, Melbourne is the only capital city to have experienced double-digit home price growth in the last 12 months. The median price for Melbourne dwellings has now exceeded $700,000.

Melbourne dwelling prices


Additionally, the ongoing prospects are favourable. According to the ABS, Melbourne is Australia’s fastest growing capital city. From June 2014 to June 2015 population grew by 1.7 per cent.

Population growth has led to significant development, investment in infrastructure such as the new Melbourne Metro Rail and investment in lifestyle including parks, walking trails, playgrounds and leisurely amenities – all a big draw for tenants.

With population growth comes a greater demand for dwellings – ensuring that investors will continue to enjoy solid capital growth.

When you combine the capital growth prospects in Melbourne, with population growth and low interest rates (currently at 1.75 per cent and predicted to remain steady until 2017) it is clear there has never been a better time to invest in Melbourne.

Building wealth through property investment

Let’s say you had invested in the Melbourne property market four years ago and were earning $80,000 a year.

Imagine the difference that money could make in helping you make ends meet day-to-day? Or to provide an education for your children? Or to give you the lifestyle you want in retirement?

Property in Australia is still booming and property investment is the safest and most effective vehicle to build wealth.

Despite the fact that most Australians are seriously concerned about cost of living and being able to afford their retirement, many are falling behind when it comes to securing their financial future.

Property Tutor reports that only six percent of Australians own an investment property. That is a significant shortfall when it comes to ensuring Australians will be financially secure.

For a nation of homeowners, the lack of property investment is surprising. Especially given that many homeowners have equity in their homes which can be used to purchase an investment property.

There are seemingly several barriers holding potential investors back – from a lack of knowledge around the scale of the opportunity, to not knowing where to start.

Property Tutor is urging Australians to take their financial future into their own hands and join the savvy investors building wealth through smart property investment.

Build a support team to help you build wealth

One of the reasons only six per cent of Australians own an investment property is the fear of the unknown. However, making ends meet, especially in retirement, is a much greater fear. Taking the leap into property investment is the smart option – and you don’t have to do it alone.

Property Tutor recommends working with an experienced support team to help you know where to start and to ensure your investments perform. Working with experts will enable you to build wealth more effectively and make the right investment decisions.

A savvy property investment can help you pay off your mortgage faster, pay less tax and help your children with a deposit for their first home. It can provide an education for your children, or help you enjoy the retirement you dream of. Investing in property equals the financial freedom you deserve.

So, don’t delay. Start your property investment journey with Property Tutor.

At Property Tutor our goal is to help our clients reach their financial goals, by educating and supporting them through every stage of the property investment process.

Our passionate and dedicated team of property professionals have helped thousands of Australians build their wealth and shape their future through astute property investment.

We have helped thousands of Australians just like yourself. To change your life and take control of your own financial future, get started with Property Tutor.

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