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VB loses its crown to XXXX Gold

XXXX overtakes VB as most preferred brand

I’d like to propose a toast to an Aussie icon. A drink which has produced many classic memories, great banter and always ramped up our Aussie spirit every Straya’ Day.. and every other day. Victoria Bitter, it’s been a pleasure mate.

It’s official, my fellow beer belchers. The decades long reign of VB as Australia’s number one cold beer has come to an end. The crown for Australia’s best seller now sits on the frosty top of Queensland’s XXXX Gold. Though Australians chugged and sipped valiantly, the Nielson figures don’t lie. 12.4% of beer consumed in Australia is XXXX mid-strength beer, barely beating VB’s 12.3% consumed.

In all fairness, VB has been running on low for a while these days”¦ Literally. SAB Miller – the owners of the brew – made a fatal mistake in dropping the alcohol content, which meant also dropping their regular customers and lovers of the beer. With international beers, such as Corona and Heineken becoming more and more popular, our Aussie classics are slowly drying up. Then of course we come to the Aussies turned hipsters. The boutique beer buyers.

This has caused some serious competition for our Aussie brands unable to compete with such sophistication and class in a bottle. In other words, Aussies have gone mad, too busy grooming their beards to consider their heritage in the back of the fridge.

Our other top 10 beer honourable mentions go to:

3. Carlton Draught 9.3%
4. Tooheys New 7.1%
5. Tooheys Extra Dry 4.4%
6. Carlton Mid 3.8%
7. Carlton Dry 3.3%
8. Corona Extra 3.1%
9. Pure Blonde 2.6%
10. Hahn Premium Light 2.5%

VB, you’ve had a cracker innings mate. Cheers to you.

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