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Are You Ready To Put $348 Back In Your Back Pocket?

348 back in your pocket

It’s been a long time since we last spoke, but here at Frazzle we just couldn’t keep our mouths zipped any longer.

It all began when an everyday consumer, just like yourself, came to us to share the inside gossip on the new kid on the block… and by the new kid, I mean a new comparison service for electricity! This particular service has helped Aussies save on average up to $348 off their electricity bills. We know how much you love hearing random but handy tips so when we found out there’s a new way to save money, we couldn’t resist telling you more about it!

So, we hear you ask, how do I get on board and put this $348 back into my pocket? Simple! It’s through Billy Sumo, a free service that compares the top energy providers across Australia, helping you find an energy deal which best meets your needs. Do you know what is even crazier? There are over 60000 people across Australia, from the tropical Sunshine Coast in Queensland to the outback Riverina in New South Wales and everyone in-between, who have joined this savvy saver club since its inception in 2017.

What are the other benefits of Billy Sumo?

Billy Sumo’s goal is to help everyday Australians reduce their electricity bill at home and place them in a better financial position. He is a strong believer that the first steps in achieving a goal so BIG and AUDACIOUS are having people like you who are eager to take life by the horns and use Billy Sumo to compare gas and electric rates among the leading energy providers AU.

The energy compare sign-up for the Billy Sumo energy comparison service is FREE-OF-CHARGE and SIMPLE to use. But this is only the start of what Billy can do for you. He also has many handy energy saving tips up his sleeve and to see it for yourself, check out his energy saving tips.
The Billy team were generous enough to share with us a few tips on how to save energy around the home, so we thought we would share them with you:

  • When it comes to swapping your light bulbs, pick the most efficient light bulbs.
  • In winter, reduce air draughts by closing doors, windows and curtains around the home.
  • When purchasing new appliances look at the energy star rating, the more stars the more savings!
  • Wait until your washing machine is full before using it.
  • When you’re washing your clothes, use cold water instead of hot water.

Want to know more about how you can save money NOW?

By adopting a few of these minor changes you can dramatically cut your electricity bill. But if that isn’t enough to settle your doubts then Billy Sumo can help put to rest these queries. It’s about time you joined the Billy revolution – come speak to one of our expert energy partners, and find out whether you’re getting the most out of your current energy deal.

Compare energy now!

No matter what your situation is, whether your bills are at an all-time high because of the current climate of emissions reduction or you’re experiencing an unreliable service in blackouts and everything in-between, Billy Sumo will be there.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop paying over the odds for your gas and electricity bills, and start SAVING today! In doing so, you will join the savvy savers club of over 60000 Aussies who have taken the plunge and reviewed their current deal and saved on their bills through Billy Sumo’s quick and simple energy compare sign-up.

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