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Get those creative juices flowing!

Do you feel tired, demotivated or just plain sick? Do you stare at spreadsheets all day, till you can feel your brains seep out of your ears? Do you stare longingly at your paint brushes or musical instrument and wish you’d followed your dreams of being an artist?

A study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology found that people are far happier when they are being creative.

658 adults took part the study. Every participant kept a diary and journaled every day, recording how much time they’d spent being creative and how they felt after woods. Ready to go full Van Gogh? According to the study, the most exciting and mood enhancing hobbies include:

– Creative writing

– Trying out new recipes

– Painting, drawing and sketching

– Graphic and digital design

– Songwriting and performing music

– Knitting and crochet

So next time those work blues set in and you’re sitting at your computer staring at that spreadsheet wishing you were at the zoo, or watching Netflix on the couch at home, reach for that colouring book, pick up those knitting needles, get out those beaters, or dust off that guitar.

And I promise, you’ll feel better.

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