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Having Take Out Tonight? Here are the Healthiest Options

Here are the Healthiest takeaway Options

Alright, let’s be real. Its probably better to cook home-made meals, but occasionally when you have one hundred million things to do or, you know, it’s a typical Wednesday night and don’t want to move from the couch take-away is the easiest option.

So here’s a few options that won’t make your jeans tighter than usual.

1. Mexican

Eat: Try carne asada (grilled beef), pulled pork or chile relleno (stuffed roasted capsicum).
Avoid: Salsa sauces, they’re all sugar unfortunately…

2. Indian

Eat: Yoghurt raita, naan bread, tandoori chicken or aloo gobi.
Avoid: Indian chutneys, the delish lassi (yoghurt drink) they are piled with sugar and fruit.

3. Thai

Eat: Stir fries, like chicken and cashew nut, with sauce on the side. Or opt for fresh rice paper rolls.
Avoid: chilli jam stir-fries, curries and satay sauces.

4. Greek

Eat: Avgolemono, a lemony chicken soup thickened with eggs. Or a Greek salad dressed with some quality olive oil, lamb or grilled octopus, dolmades – wrapped vine leaves stuffed with rice. Souvlaki wrapped in wholemeal pita bread with lots of vegetables and a little Greek yoghurt.
Avoid: Baklava. I know, I know, its fucking delicious. But its also mainly sugar, and that aint good for you (sadface).

5. Vietnamese

Eat: (I’m a big fan) Also; vegetarian rice paper rolls.
Avoid: Salads. Although fucking great they are full of sugar, lots of fruit including mango and the dressingis usually just sugar (what a shame).

6. Chinese

Eat: Savoury broth-based soup, plain stir-fried meat or seafood with lots of steamed vegetables like broccoli or bok choy.
Avoid: Honey chicken and plum sauce, beef and black bean, all the tradish dishes.

7. Japanese

Eat: Miso soup, salad, sashimi or almost any grilled meat like chicken, beef or fish yakitori.
Avoid: Sushi rolls, seaweed salad, teriyaki anything and Japanese mayonnaise

So basically, opt for a broth or some grade- A protein with loads of veg.

And say Ciao to pizza and to dim sums.

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