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Got Milk? 2016 Milk Trends and Changing of Australians’ Tastes

Australians’ tastes for milk has changed

Apparently, as a whole, Australians are choosing almond milk over soy or regular milk (cows will be out of work in no time). The new nut milk ‘fad’ may not be as ‘faddy’ as first thought.

Nutritionist and Vitasoy ambassador Zoe Bingley-Pullin explains:

“I think consumers are becoming savvier about their health and wellbeing options, and are seeking out different types of plant and nut milks to try what’s out there and learn what works best for them.”

Working as a barista I can tell you just how annoying these milk trends actually are. One in four people ask for almond milk, which would make sense considering one in four families opt for dairy alternatives when doing the grocery shopping.

“Almond milk is increasingly popular because it’s one of the newest alternative milks out there and we’re learning it’s got a beautiful taste profile and is really versatile,” says Bingley-Pullin.

Each to their own I guess”¦

“The most common misconception [about milk] is that there’s no nutritional value in alternative milks. All alternative milks have nutritional value, but in different ways and you need to learn what your body needs. There are also a lot of misconceptions that we should only drink cow’s milk, or only drink plant milks. If you can (if you’re not intolerant, that is), there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t have both cow’s and plant milks in your fridge, and an array of different plant milks at that! For me, balance comes from having a real range of foods in your diet,” says Bingley-Pullin.

Here are the facts, jack:

Almond milk: low calorie option, isn’t as calcium-rich as other milk alternatives – though calcium-fortified options are available.

Full fat dairy: contains calcium, zinc, protein and other key nutrients

Almond and Coconut milk: are gluten free, lactose free suitable for people with intolerances.

Soy: source of fiber, calcium and a low GI drink

So what else will we decide to milk? According to Bingley-Pullin camel milk may be the new almond milk.

“I’ve heard it’s incredibly nutrient-dense, which is great; however that it can be on the expensive side, so we’re unlikely to see it sitting next to soy milk on supermarket shelves anytime soon.”

I’ll have a strong, decaf, mocha-latte with camel milk please? Gross.

Sorry Alice (the camel), I’ll take my full cream cap to go.

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