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18 of the Most Addictive (And Delicious) Foods

18 of the Most Addictive Foods

According to a study done by Michigan State university, the best, most delicious food is addictive (there’s a reason we fight over that last piece of pizza).

They studied addictive eating patterns in 518 participants. All participants got a list of 35 foods, both processed and unprocessed. They rated how likely they were to experience addiction in each of the 35 foods, on a scale from one (not at all addictive) to seven (extremely addictive). 7-10 per cent of partakers were diagnosed with aggressive food addiction. Many of the participants wished to stop eating the addictive foods, but were unable to.

1 piece of chocolate turns into 4 pieces, then 7 pieces, then to a block”¦ We’ve all been there.

Below is a definitive ranking of addictive (delicious) foods.

1. Pizza (4.01)
2. Chocolate (3.73)
3. Chips (3.73)
4. Cookies (3.71)
5. Ice cream (3.68)
6. French fries (3.60)
7. Cheeseburgers (3.51)
8. Soda (not diet) (3.29)
9. Cake (3.26)
10. Cheese (3.22)
11. Bacon (3.03)
12. Fried chicken (2.97)
13. Rolls (plain) (2.73)
14. Popcorn (buttered) (2.64)
15. Breakfast cereal (2.59)
16. Gummy candy (2.57)
17. Steak (2.54)
18. Muffins (2.50)

As you can see, all the salty, processed, sugary foods are addictive (who knew?). If you can’t stop eating the good stuff then you’re probably addicted.

I present to you the humble packet of Doritos. You’re at a party, someone has brought the obligatory pack of Doritos. It’s the best flavor as well; Nacho Cheese. You sit there for a while without touching them. Those crisp, corny, cheesy Doritos sitting there in the bowl staring at you. Waiting to be dipped in guac. One couldn’t hurt right?

Before you know it, you’ve eaten the whole bowl and have nacho cheese flavoring all over your fingers, mouth and clothes. Easy to do, not so easy to quit. Like all addictions; quitting requires discipline and going “cold turkey” for a while. But just like any diet moderation is key. Learn to make healthy choices and eat sugary, greasy food in small quantities.

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