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It’s summer! Here’s what your favourite ice block says about you

It’s summer! Here’s what your favourite ice block says about you

Its summer folks. And it’s so damn hot. And yeah, the beach, a pool, a cold shower are all really good ideas to beat the heat. But are they really as fun as a billabong or a bubble O’ Bill? Yeah, thought so. Here’s what your favourite ice block says about you:

Classic Lemonade Popsicle

You were born 80 years old. You’re the kinda person who enjoys Werthers caramels and hard candies, long hot showers and the Sunday paper. You may or may not be wearing a robe right now with velvet slippers. Just like you the ol’ lemonade ice block is reliable, consistent and sweet.

Potentially introverted and possibly Canadian you’re not as out there as a Gaytime or zooper doper but you’re an old favourite. And that’s why whenever you bite into a Lemonade iceblock, you’re reminded of home, childhood and summer.

Zooper Dooper

You are young at heart. You enjoy the heat summer and sugar. You will never say no to a party and always need to be entertained. Which means you are the best person to hang around but also the worst. You don’t know what down time is, or the concept of rest. Much like the Zooper dooper, it’s a shot of sugar which you will invariably come down from, and require another hit of Zooper Dooper. Zooper Dooper isn’t your drug of choice, (let’s be honest) you’re more inclined to be into something a little more illicit and addictive.

And of course alcohol. More often than not, that zooper dooper will have a shot of Jack in it.


You’re the best. Everyone loves you. And why not? Gaytimes are for everyone. Absolutely everyone.

“It’s hard to have a gaytime on your own”


So many layers! So many surprises!

You’re an enigma. You’ve got hard parts and soft parts and surprising chocolatey parts. You have a harder exterior, not particularly sweet but you’re a nice enough person. You’re fun to be around, and people love discovering your many layers. You may not be what people first expected but they are won over by how surprising and unorthodox you are.

You’re not particularly trendy, or hip but you’re interesting.

With an awesome chocolate centre.

Bubble O’ bill

Mate you’re all show. And no substance.

The Bubble O’ Bill looks delicious, it’s all pink and exciting, there’s a fricken bubble gum nose and chocolate eyes. But it’s deceiving. That bubblegum nose is almost always gone. It’s cold and crunchy. Not worth the purchase, and that icecream. Bland.

You’re physically appealing. Muscles, tanned. Your wardrobe consists of muscle singlets and tight V-necks exclusively. You listen to dub and you plan your year around Stereo sonic.

You are boring. Sorry, but you are.

Eat a fricken Gaytime you loser.


You own a designer bag, enjoy cuticle care and the e-network. You’re all about the shape, the look and how expensive something looks.

You love taking selfies, love changing up your look and are all about the accessories. You will straight up take 50 selfies before you’re happy.

It alright you are, much like the Classic Magnum, predictable.

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