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Florence Henderson Passes Away at 82: The Story of a Lovely Lady

Florence Henderson Passes Away at 82: The Story of a Lovely Lady

As a child Mrs Brady was my hair icon and the most beautiful human I’d ever seen. I wanted to be her and I wanted her as my second mother. And a lot of people from my generation feel exactly the same.

And now, thanks to 2016 I’ve lost my TV mother for good. And it feels like I’ve lost my own mother. .

Florence Henderson passed away from heart failure at the age of 82 at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Hospital. .

My first childhood crush, Greg Brady aka Barry Williams, told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin:

“She took what she did very, very seriously,” Williams said Friday. “She was very gracious, always. She was an inspiration with how to conduct yourself in public as a famous person. She was so kind and would always take time. I want to remind people that — and there are many many of us that will miss her — that she was a genuine person.”

And her oldest golden girl said this of her beloved TV “Mom”:

“Florence played our mother on the show, but I always felt like she was more of a sister,” the actress, 60, added. “She was so young at heart, and just a really good friend. “¦ Throughout my life, she has been a huge supporter in my hard times. She never gave up on me. She always just believed in me and gave me hope and strength. She gave that to everybody — it was so genuine and so pure and so loving and so from her heart.”

I can’t imagine how the actual Brady family is feeling, now having lost Mr Brady, Alice and Mrs Brady. But Mrs Brady’s life was not as clean and neat and groovy as her TV self. Florence grew up poor in Indiana, with an alcoholic father and a mother who left when she was 12 years old.

Mrs Brady loved to sing: “I don’t ever remember not singing. And I would sing and pass the hat, and I would sing for groceries,” she told the Archive of American Television in 1999.

Her voice was so heavenly and amazing that she was offered a starring role in the musical “Oklahoma!” Her voice carried her to a successful Broadway career, and eventually she landed a few choice television gigs.

In 1959, she was on set as an NBC “Today Girl”, and in 1962, she became the first woman to guest host the “Tonight Show“.

Henderson played her most loved and famous character, Carol Brady in 1969.

I still can’t believe/ don’t want to believe it. To me she is still being as glamourous and hip as ever, with that puffy blond quiff and those bright blue eyes, she’s still telling kids not to “play ball in the house” and loving her gay husband Mike. She was inspiration and a comfort always. And I’ll miss her and everything she represented.

I think everyone can agree that the Brady Bunch was all about that “lovely Lady.” And without her, it’s not much of a bunch.

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